Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finding Coupons

Coupons when you least expect it!
So I had a dentist appointment today for my 3 year old daughter Sophia and myself. This was the second time she has had her teeth cleaned if you can call it that. Today we only got one tooth polished before she put the kabash on the hygienist. Well maybe next time:-) During my check up I found out that I need to have two fillings replaced and actually have a small crack in one of my teeth! That could explain the sensitivity I have been having on that side.

The reason I bring this up is while we were in the waiting room I was looking through the pamphlets that they had available and found the mother load of Reach, Crest, and Oral B coupons. The Reach coupons were the best, $2 off any reach tooth brush and $2 off reach floss and they are good until November! They had to of had over 200 of the reach brochures, but I used my restraint and only took 5! I am going to save these for the next Walgreen's Promotion and I see a lot of free toothbrush's and floss in my future!

So next time you are at the Doctors, Dentist, Optometrist keep and eye out for coupons and samples! Even if you do not see them you can always ask. At my pediatricians office I would always ask for formula samples and coupons. They even some times have samples of Tylenol other non-prescription medicines.

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