Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walgreens Trip 4/25/10

So today is a great day, or should I say a great week at Walgreens! I was able to get everything pictured for $17.66 which was a 80% savings! My total before coupons was $88.16. Mind you I did have to do 8 different transactions to get this, but my Walgreens is so friendly and helpful. The trick is to check out in Cosmetics or the photo area. I always ask first if I can make multiple transactions and I always try to go when the store is not very busy. Being that I am from a small town I have gotten to know the nice people at my Walgreens and they love seeing us get the great deals. What they do not like is when someone comes in and clears the shelves. If I were to do that I do not think they would be very helpful the next time I came in!

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