Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coupon Binder Tote's I will be keeping this at the top of my blog for the next few days, to see the latest post just scroll down.

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Do you use the coupon Binder System or are you interested in switching over to this method. I switched to a coupon binder last fall and it was the best thing I ever did for my sanity. When I first started out I had a Mead zip up binder. It got the job done but it became more difficult to carry it around, especially with two small children wanting Mom to carry them. Earlier this year I created my own Coupon Binder Cover system and now after perfecting my design I am  proud to say I have them available for purchase! I have listed these on E-Bay with a starting bid at $25.95 or you can buy it now for $28.95 plus $8.00 shipping! Right now I have these two different designs available.

Interested in getting your own, 
visit my EBay site HERE!
These are a very sturdy binder that will hold up very well. The Tote includes a 2" D Ring binder that will hold up to 400 coupon pages The interior also has a front and back pocket for holding ads and other items. I took extra care to make sure the tote is reinforced with a very sturdy lining. It has a look and feel just like a regular purse or handbag. The best part is it is easy to carry, will keep your coupons secure (trust me I have dropped mine more times than I can count and my coupons stay in place). If you have any questions just email me at  
 sonia on saving @ (no spaces)

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