Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My New LOVE ---Gevalia Coffee Maker, (2) Packs of Coffee, and so much more for only $14.95 shipped

A few months ago I broke my favorite Mr. Coffee pot of 12 years. It was a sad day at the McNeely house, it had served us well. Of course that same day I headed out to Walmart and bought a replacement, another Mr. Coffee Pot and spent over $26.00. Let's just say it had been a sad day ever since! The pot is difficult to use, does not make coffee as well as the old one, and mysteriously loses about two cups of coffee when you brew a 12 cup pot.
Well I decided I could not use this new pot anymore and took Gevalia up on their $14.95 Coffee Maker and Coffee Deal and let's just say mornings are wonderful again! I love my new pot and of course I love the coffee! I just called and cancelled my membership the day I got my shipment and I just scored an awesome coffee pot, two packs of coffee, and a metal scoop for only $14.95!

Gevalia $14.95 Offer
If you would like to try Gevailia out for yourself just click on the image above to get the Special $14.95 offer. You will get two (2) packs of coffee, a stainless steel coffee maker, coffee scoop, and a 10 pack of filters for only $14.95 PLUS FREE shipping! This is a $120 value. Once you order this they will enroll you in their Coffee automatic order club, however you cancel this at anytime. Last time I ordered I called and cancelled as soon as I got my shipment (you can also do this online). It was easy! My mom just ordered some of their coffee last month and she is loving it! To order yours just click on the image above!

Below is my new Coffee Pot and all the goodies it came with!
I think I am in love :-)


  1. I think this is the time to replace my old coffee maker. I think Gevalia Coffee maker will serve me better than my old one.

  2. I have been very happy with mine. The only con with this new one is the area where you pour the water into is kinda small so you have to be carefull that you do not spill when you are filling the machine. It makes wonderfull coffee very quickly and it looks good! I just had the Vanilla nut coffee yesterday and it was yummy!