Saturday, July 24, 2010

Giving back, no this is not a shopping trip!

Sonia what are you doing with all this stuff that you are buying? I think sometimes the cashiers must think that I am some type of hoarder when I checkout with 10 bags of Kraft Cheese!
Do I use the stuff that I buy, well yes! Do I use all the items I purchase, no. Many of the "deals" that I find I purchase to share with others. If I can get something for a $1 or less I will purchase it if it is a good buy and I know it is something others will find helpful. I enjoy using my coupons and savy deals to give back!
All the items listed above I collected and gave to my niece who is a single Mom and just moved into her first place. It is my way of helping her out so maybe it will help reduce her financial burden and stress so that she can focus on being a good Mom, going to college, and working full time.
Alyssa, I am so proud of you and I know that you will succeed in life!

I also give here and their to friends and family. My big goal that I have been collecting for is gathering toiletries to donate to St. Louis Children's Hospital. They are always in need of these type of items to offer to parents or children who are staying at the hospital. If you are interested in donating you can just drop off you items at the information desk on the first or second floor. I think I will be taking mine the next time we head out to the St. Louis Zoo since they are so close to one another!  Trust me any donation will truly be appreciated!

So how do you give back! Feel free to share your stories in the comment section or email me!


  1. Good for you, Sonia. I sometimes wonder also if cashiers or other customers wonder about me, especially when they see me in a store so often. But I've told some of my cashiers where I donate. In the last six months, I've given to Turning Point, Agape, Warren County Oats, Warren County Senior Center, Child Evangelism Fellowship and numerous friends. Currently, I'm donating most of my "finds" to my friend who has seven children and is a SAHM. She is a natural born mommy, and that's great for the family that she can stay home. Kinda short on the ole pocketbook, tho. So I do what I can.

  2. That's great Barbara! When I was in college I worked full time as the case mangager for the Salvation Army in Cape Giradeau, and also ran the food pantry. I got to see first hand how much need the community had and always appreciated it when someone would bring donations. I love the fact that coupons allow us to continue to give back. I am sure that your friend is so greatful for your kindness.

  3. This is so great! I recently donated some of my extras to Ronald McDonald House. I love collecting travel size items for them. It's such a great feeling (and so easy with couponing!) to donate.