Friday, July 23, 2010

KMART Double Coupon up to $.99, what do you think?

Kmart is hosting another Double Coupon Event although the rules have changed once again. This time they are doubling up to $0.99 (really $.99, have you ever seen a $.99 coupon) – the coupon limit is 5 and you must use your Shop your Way Rewards card. . The good thing is that this is not just for Health and Beauty items it will be available on everything in the store so we have more options. All the Stores in Missouri are participating. To check if your store is just go HERE.

What do you think about the change?
Just head over HERE to sign up for your rewards card.


  1. I wouldn't waste my time on K-mart. Their prices are too high to start with. You could save the gas and get just as many good deals shopping at Wal-mart.

  2. I know that is how I feel as well, unless they have some fantasic sale ad this week I do not see myself stopping buy for this one!