Thursday, May 27, 2010

Costco Trip 5/27

So last night during our coupon class we had a discussion about Costco. This is such a hot subject for us coupon shoppers! You either love or hate the club store. I personally love Costco and Sam's Club for certain products. I have my own Costco membership, and my Mom has a Sam Club membership. So I am able to shop at both stores.

Just like any store not everything is a great value at Costco, however I thought I would share with you what I bought today and what I feel is a great value for me and my family:
  • I love the Camerons Coffee. I usually will buy this at Schnucks, and when it is on sale it is $5.99 for 12 oz. Costco has a 2lb Bag for only $9.99. So I am paying $.31 per ounce vs. Schnucks Sale Price of $.50 per ounce.
  • Oregano, Costco has this large container for only $3.49, It is a good high quality organic Oregano that would cost at least that much for a small container at the grocery store, even with coupons.
  • Black Pepper, This is only $3.19 for the large bottle.
  • Provel Cheese, as I stated last night I get this for only $3.99 lb. Love the stuff!
  • 5 lb. Package of Cream Cheese $5.39, I use this to make New York Style Cheese Cake that calls for a 5lb of Cream Cheese, so it is a good price and I only have to open on package.
  • Yummy-O Chicken Nuggets 5 lb. Box, $11.99: These are some of the best Chicken Nuggets, and they are very healthful. They have Flax Seed in the coating which provides a great resource of Omega 3's. My kids and even my husband love them and do not even know that I am sneaking in the Omega 3's. At $2.40 a pound they are a decent deal.
  • Ok, I do not know if the Ravioli I bought are the best deal, but they are delicious. This month Costco has a $2.50 off Coupon (yes Costco sends out their own coupons). You get two Packages of these for only $7.29 after the coupon, or $3.65 each. They make for a quick dinner too!

So what is your thought on the "Club Stores"? If you shop thier what are some of your favorite items to pick up!


  1. I heart Costco! I don't get freebies there, of course, or anything CLOSE to freebies, but the deals on certain items are undeniable. Their prices on good quality spices, for example, are unbeatable, and their produce is fresh, delicious and well-priced. Bags of frozen berries are a fave of mine (perfect for the healthy smoothies we drink every day), and tell me where else you can get a large container of organic mixed greens for $5. You can't!

    Their cheeses, especially specialty cheeses, are considerably lower priced than ANYWHERE else that I've found. I love to try more "gourmet" options now and again, and Costco is the only place that makes these options affordable. I bought some apple & gouda chicken sausages there yesterday that were phenomenal (and healthy!) on the grill. Buying something like that at Dierberg's, for example, would be cost-prohibitive. Couponing and getting hot deals at the "regular" stores allows me to splurge a little at Costco, for sure, especially when my husband wants to buy brisket!

    I discovered something about Costco coupons yesterday. All of the coupons in the coupon book they send to members once a month all have exactly the same bar codes on the back. I showed a coupon that I had accidentally ripped to an employee, who said it didn't matter at all. He told me to scan just one of the coupons (I was at self-checkout), and the computer would automatically apply coupons for ANYTHING from the coupon book that I was purchasing. I scanned ONE popcorn coupon, and the computer took $$$ off the popcorn, the popsicles, the foil and several other things I had purchased because I had coupons for them. Not a huge deal, of course, but if you wanted to go back and get something that you've already used a coupon for, you can always use any other coupon from that book and still get the discount (mind the expiration date, though.)

    Thanks for the coupon class, Sonia! And THANKS for posting Kroger deals! It's my primary grocery-shopping store, and their deals are great, especially when someone else points them out to you. Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Tiffany I am glad that someone has the passion for Costco like me! It is the store where I tend to spluge for items I normally would not buy at the grocery! I just wish they would get the broccoli salad back in, it was great for parties and so much cheaper than making it yourself! Everytime I go I try to leave a comment in the box by customer service.
    That is a great tip about the Costco Coupons, that will come in handy when I have already used a coupon. THANK YOU! I love when Costco marks items down, I find this a great way to stock up on items and get them really cheap! I am always on the look out for the *.
    I am going to try to do my best to keep up on all the great deals. I am hoping to improve my Kroger Postings even more.