Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Progress so far!

So the journey has begun! Yesterday I got got up at 5:30  and walked 3 miles. I was actually was shocked that I did the three, no problem. That was until this morning when my shins and feet were so sore. I actually stayed in bed until 5:40 and figured that they could not hurt any worse and eventually  they would feel better. Today I walked 2 1/4 miles. Day by day it will be my personal choice on whether or not I am willing to recommit to my personal health. I do actually enjoy how I feel when I workout, somehow it is just getting to it!

Grilled Chicken, Turkey Bacon, Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Red Pepper, Celery, Cucumber, Red Onion, Parmesan Cheese, and a package of Kraft 100 calorie cheese bites. I even measured the dressing and put 1 TBS on top. The Deli Flats have less than 1/4 tsp of light butter and garlic on them.
As far as the diet goes I have been able to stick with eating smaller portions and of course better food. Here is what I had today:
55 calories: 1 cup of Cantaloupe
285 calories: 1 Deli Flat Toasted with an Egg and 3 slices of Turkey Bacon
165 calories: 3 Cups of Plain Popcorn
350 calories: 1/2 piece of Fish, rice and zucchini leftover from last night
450 calories:  Salad with Grilled Chicken and a grilled Deli Flat
270 calories: 1/2 Cup of Granola with 1/4 Cup Skim Milk
1,575 calories consumed today

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