Monday, July 5, 2010

My Weight Loss Journey

Ok I am just going to do this! Today I weigh 210 lbs! It is not the most I have ever weighed, however I am on a slippery slope. My entire life I have worked to maintain a "healthy weight". In High School I was always on the "chubby" side until my junior year. Then in college I slowly started putting on the LB's. When Joe and I got married and we both put on a few pounds. My weight would always fluctuate up and down by ten pounds or so.

The big hit to my weight happened in 2004. My first daughter Emma was born that year. Of course I packed on the pounds being pregnant, but that was just the beginning. Emma was born with a heart defect and after 5 1/2 months and many surgeries she passed away. Food became the ultimate comfort for me. If I was sad I ate, if I was mad I ate, and on, and on, and on. Slowly my weight crept up to my all time high of 238 lbs. Then in late 2005 I became pregnant once again. Several months into my pregnancy I discovered that I was gestational diabetic. I followed all the rules given to my by my physician and dietician and only strayed once on my diet (the baby shower my Doc let me eat one slice of cake) through my pregnancy I actually lost weight! When Sophia was born I weighed 220 lbs! I tried to keep up with the diabetic diet and got back down to 214 lbs before I was pregnant with my son in 2008. Once again I stuck to the diet and my weight dropped. Shortly after Junior was born I weighed in at 178lbs. I was so excited and felt so good. So what did I do to celebrate, I ate.

Life with two children became so stressful. Sophia was such a good baby, she was easy to sooth, slept through the night very quickly, and I felt that I knew exactly how to take care of her. All that had changed after Junior was born. The poor little guy had terrible acid reflux and required so much attention. Taking care of Junior required a new set of skills and a lot of trial and error. Let's just say that food became my coping mechanism. Slowly the weight started creeping up again and that is where I am today. Junior just celebrated his second Birthday and I just hit the 210 mark!!!!

So why am I sharing this with anyone who wants to read my blog? Well I am done making excuses. Last year my husband had bought me a treadmill and I stuck to it for 4 months, I was able to do up to five miles a day and was feeling really great, then we went on vacation and I found my excuse. I have gone on the bandwagon on and off again and now I am ready to commit! I am tired of being tired. I am tired of my back hurting. I am tired of my clothes being tight. I am tired of food!!!!!! I want to be in control! I want to be as healthy as possible so that I am capable of taking care of my family and myself for the long run!

One difference this time for me is that my husband is on board as well. He recently has gained an extra 15 pounds and he is ready to lose the weight. What really excites me about this is in the past he has always shunned "healthy food", but tonight we actually had a conversation about what vegetables he would like to have.

Another major motivation for me as well is that my Husband and Daughter both have Heart Conditions (the same my first daughter had). They are both in good health but it is very important that they live a healthy life style to minimize the chance of any complication. So it is my mission to set an example and start living the life that I want for me and my family! My hope is to do update several days a week. I even will be posting any new recipes or techniques that I use that are a success. You will find any new updates on the right of my blog under the listing "Sonia on Healthy Living" Join me on my journey and feel free to share your story or favorite recipes!

Today I weight 210 lbs
My goal is to lose 30 lbs by September 30th
My Husband Weighs 185 lbs and his goal is to lose 15 lbs
and quit smoking cigars by September 30th!


  1. Good for you girl!! I think you may have got me motivated again!!! I am down 47 pounds, but kind of been slacking over the sunmmer. I'll match your 30 pounds!! Love a challenge! :) Let's go!!!! I'll post my weight in a little while, Delilah is watching Dora and I can't weigh on the Wii right now!! lol

  2. Bring it on :-) I only wish it was as easy to lose as it was to gain!!!!