Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh What a Day!!!!

So I should of known not to venture out this morning when Junior woke up Crabby. Did I listen to my instinct, NO. I headed out to the Troy Kroger and as soon as we headed in the store Junior started a tantrum. Let's just say he cried all the way through the store.

The fun did not stop there, while checking out I found out that the Troy Kroger does not accept Internet Printable Coupons for any "Free" item, not even a B1G1. In Warrenton they have gotten very cautious of these as well but have always accepted them.

After checking out I looked over my receipt and found I was charged $6.79 for my Starbucks that was on sale for $4.99 and I was missing a $1 coupon for my yogurt so I headed over to customer service with my screaming son to get a adjustment. They were really nice and made the adjustment.

We were almost home when I realized that I did not have my wallet! I pulled over and went through everything, no wallet. Drove the 17 miles back to Troy to see if they had found it, no luck!

I headed to Troy basically to get the Tide Stain Release and a few other items that the Warrenton Store did not carry. I might want to rethink driving all that way again unless I am planning a trip to Aldi's as well.

The good news is that Krogers called this afternoon and someone found my wallet in a shopping cart. Do you think I was a little distracted?  Just hope that when I go to pick it up everything is still inside, including my remaining grocery money!

I guess it is off to Troy again after nap time :-) Let's Hope Junior is a little bit happier!                 


  1. I found your wallet in a shopping cart around noon at the Troy Kroger. I turned it in to the store Asst Mgr. The wallet appeared to be intact with $ and assortment of cards. Hope you got it back OK.
    Bill Shipman

  2. So glad your wallet was found! I hope the rest of the day goes better. Thanks so much for sharing all your deals.

  3. Mr Bill Shipman,
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! As you read above I had a very crazy day today and could not believe that I had just left it in the cart! It gives me great peace to know that it was found! I plan on picking it up this evening. Thank you!

  4. That is horrendous; I'm always afraid of losing something - and I have no little cherubs to distract me. That is probably the main reason why I do not take my coupon binder. One day I got a phone call that someone had found my wallet in the parking lot at Krogers. One other day someone brought my charge card to me, which I had lost at the post office. I thought I was careful, even to the point of strapping in my purse when I shop. But obviously accidents do happen. Thanks to Bill Shipman also.