Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Clyde the Wonder Beagle, sure he can eat a stick of butter, or a loaf of bread. Feed him anything but Wellness Dog Food and he gets sick! Hmmm, try to figure that one out! Gotta love him!
I was so excited today about this freebie. I have a Beagle named Clyde and the only dog food that he can eat is Wellness! This is a all natural, food that was one of the very few brands that was not part of the recall a few months back. We have been feeding Clyde this brand of food for over 9 years! If you would like to receive a free sample just email me your email address first & last name to soniaonsaving @aol  .com (no spaces). I will then submit this to wellness through my referral system and they will send you a link for the sample. In addition to the samples they will also be sending out coupons!
Petco, Animal Crackers, Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital, Greene's Country Store, Pet's Unleashed and Westin Kennels are just a few of the places that sell this brand!

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