Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sonia on Saving with a Baby!

If you noticed on the right hand of my blog I have added a new "LIST" for quick access to saving on Baby and Children Essentials. So first let's talk Formula. It is so expensive and if you are feeding this exclusively to your baby you can cut your cost significantly. As soon as you are pregnant or anytime you can sign up for the following:

Enfamil Family Beginnings

Simalc Strong Moms Here
Nestle Good Start/Gerber Here

By signing up for these formula programs you will have access to great information. They also send out what is called a "formula check", this is not a coupon it is an actual check that is payable to the retailer. What is great about this is you can also use it in combination with a coupon! They will also send out free samples of Formula. Now you might have a preference for one formula, however I recommend get all of these so that you trade your formula checks, coupons and samples with others, or donate your samples to a local food pantry. You can also choose to use generic formula which are significantly less. The choice should be made by you and your physician!

Where to get Coupon for Formula

  • Signing up for the Formula Programs

  • Sunday Newspaper

  • Ebay

  • Coupon Clipping Service : Coupons & Things By Dede,  Coupon Clippers

  • Doctor Offices (ask for samples also)

  • Catalina Deals (many times when you buy one brand a Catalina will print out for another brand. Ex: Buy Enfamil and get a B1G1 Free for Nestle Good Start!

Store Promotions
Shop N Save: Shop on $10/$50 Thursday's, do this in combination with your formula checks and coupons and you can see a significant savings! For Example
Buy (2) two cans of Formula @ $25.00 each
Use (2) $5/1 Coupons
Use (2) $5.00 Formula Checks
$10/$50 Discount
Final Price for (2) two Cans $20.00 or $10 per can!!!!!
This is less than 1/2 price!!!!!!

Use the Coupon from the Entertain Book to save an additional $5.00!

To make this deal even sweeter if you transfer a new prescription to the Shop N Save you can receive a $25.00 gift card! Can we say free formula! Inquire at the pharmacy for details!

Target: If you have a prescription that needs to be filled why not fill it at Target when they have their Coupon Promo going on! You can get a $10.00 gift card that you can use towards your Formula Purchase!

Kmart: Kmart also does gift card promotions with their prescription!

Walgreens: Many times if you fill a refillable prescription at Walgreens and then transfer it you will recieve a "store check" in the mail if you bring your prescription back to them. Just think how much formula you can get if you pair this "check" with coupons and formula checks!
Swag Bucks: Cash in your Swag Bucks for a Amazon Gift Card and earn your way to free formula. You can earn Swag bucks for just doing Internet search's and using thier tool bar. To get started just go here!

Search & Win

How do you save on Formula? Want to share, just leave a comment!

What would you find helpful to save money on with your children! Just let me know! Leave a comment!

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