Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Frugal Playset Continues!

So today Joe worked really hard and with a little help from our neighbor and good friends Scott this is what he accomplished today! I was shocked at how much he completed, but hey that's my Joe!
Joe still has a lot to complete on his list for this project:
  • Power Wash the Play set
  • Re stain the Play Set
  • Lay Down a weed barrier
  • Get a load of pea gravel delivered
  • make a custom teeter totter for the kid
  • Make some custom wood signs for the club house
  • Oh, and Sophia told her Daddy that she wants her own table and chair set for the club house!

It always seems one project leads to another! I will keep you updated on the latest progress.

I would also like to send a huge shout out to my brother in law Dallas who helped Joe Disassemble this! We truly appreciate it!

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