Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walgreens Trip

Headed over to Walgreens for the Midweek Sale today and let's just say I am so happy that I did! Here is the breakdown for today's trip:
Subtotal: $86.47
Final Cost after all coupons and RR: $5.72
That's a 93% savings!

Many of you may wonder what I do with all the "deals" that I purchase each week. Well I definitely do not use it all myself. Some of the products I give to friends and family. A majority of the toiletry items I am saving to put together care package to donate to St. Louis Children's Hospital. I also donate items to local food pantries as many people can not afford to buy these and food stamps can not be used to purchase them. So if you have an over abundance in you stock pile  think about how you may be able to give back and share with others your great talent of coupon shopping! 

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