Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry about the lack of deals yesterday!

Sorry about the lack of deals yesterday! Yesterday was my son's 2nd Birthday and we were running all day. I won the Mom of the year award by scheduling his two year check up on his actual Birthday, I thought it would be fine because they were not suppose to get any shots, well now they have a new one they added to the schedule so he got one, but he was such a good little boy and cried just for a second! Afterwards we had a ton of shopping to do to get ready for his party on Saturday, I dragged Junior and Sophia to the following stores: Target, Dollartree, Shop N Save, Dierbergs, and Schnucks! I know they had to of been exhausted because I was. I did not get any pictures of my trips but the highlight of my trip was Target, I got the two of the Vanish Drop Ins, (3) of the Schick Razors, and of course the SoBe Water. I was able to use the overage from my Razors to help pay for some of the Party Decorations! Yeah!
After our day of shopping we headed home and put everything away, then finished frosting the cake I had made earlier, made dinner, ate, went outside and enjoyed the new playset, came in to have the cake and open presents! As crazy as yesterday was Junior and Sophia had a great day, sure we had a few meltdowns while shopping (nothing some animal crackers won't cure), but overall I think we did ok...

So today we are home I think for most of the day, maybe later if Grandma and Grandpa come back from doing their garage sale I might head out alone to Krogers and Mosers to pick up a few things. I think next week I am going to try to get all my shopping done at just one store, maybe two. Running around chasing the deals can be exhausting!
How has your shopping adventures been this week? Feel free to share in the comments section or email me a picture and I can share it with everyone here on my blog!

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