Sunday, June 13, 2010

Walgreens Trip 6/13

So I headed over to Walgreens this morning with big aspirations. The lessons I learned once again today is sometimes a deal just does not work out, and secondly do I really need to buy something because it is a good deal. Today I had planned to do the Lever Deal with the Mayonnaise, but I really did not need or want the other products or more than two jars of Mayo, so I passed. When I got to the store they were of course out of the Nutregena Bar Soap, and I did not need any of the other products, so I passed on that deal as well. I was also planning on buying some of the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gels and Brush's Deal, But since the reset my store no longer carries the Toilet Brush's. So I just purchased the items above and I am very happy with my results.
Subtotal before Coupons: $90.05
Total Coupons and Rewards: $75.50
Total Out of Pocket: $14.55
That's a 84% Savings!
I did not even have coupons for the Toys but my son Birthday is in a few weeks and I thought he would like these!
Does anyone else get all excited in the store as they are shopping? Sometimes I just want to shout from the roof top "Do you know how much money I am saving" It is a adrenaline rush for me. Don't worry my house is not one of those homes you see on a reality show, I try to keep an inventory and only buy what I need or giveaway. I personally can not stand clutter and fight a constant battle everyday trying to keep the house in order (especially with a almost 2 & 4 year old)! Some days I win and some days I lose. The status for today is still undecided!

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